Below is my resume. My LinkedIn is the best source for up-to-date information.


Executive Assistant – Lavendaire (Jan 2017-Present)

  • Transcribe videos/audio up to 30 minutes in length (22+ hours of content to date)
  • Conduct research future book proposal and publishing representation
  • Oversee communication with international interviews guests
  • Create engagement opportunities for Facebook community of over 1500+ members
  • Increased Pinterest engagement by 4000% in less than 30 days

Blog Editor – Her Culture (Jan 2017-Present)

  • Supervise writers to guide writing, establish deadlines, and enforce disciplinary measures
  • Collaborate revision of 4 articles per month for style, grammar, and tone
  • Report to Her Culture CEO to address administrative concerns

Project Co-Manager – TCNJ Reproductive and Sexual Well-Being Research (Aug 2015-Dec 2015)

  • Co-headed experimental study relating to women’s health using survey and statistical analysis software
  • Participated in and lead 50+ hours of discussion of empirical articles in group of 10 lab members
  • Conducted 16 total hours of data collection using survey software for three long-term projects

Vice President of Internal Affairs – TCNJ Barkada (May 2015-May 2016)

  • Delegated short- and long-term duties of 9 executive board members
  • Established collaborations with organizations to execute events drawing audiences of up to 500 guests
  • Oversaw all event-planning and booking on TCNJ’s online scheduling system

Registration Committee Chair – Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue, Inc. (Mar 2016-Apr 2016)

  • Created record system using Google Apps to organize registration of 500+ attendees and programmers of national conference spanning 60 universities in 13 states
  • Trained and supervised 30 volunteers in-person and over Google Hangouts
  • Secured around $2,500 in registration fees over a six-hour period

Section Editor – The Prospect (Feb 2015-May 2016)

  • Edited 650+ word articles for style, grammar, and formatting on WordPress (72 total)
  • Supervised 1-6 writers per month to establish deadlines and enforce disciplinary measures

Administrative Assistant – Garmentist (Nov 2014-Dec 2015)

  • Created and maintained original bookkeeping system, tracking over $60,000 in revenue
  • Processed incoming and outgoing orders in Google suite (international and domestic)
  • Wrote and edited copy for item descriptions, project proposals, and email correspondence


The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Women’s and Gender Studies minor
GPA: 3.61/4.00, Cum Laude Honors

Certifications / Skills

  • Certificate of Completion: National Institutes of Health Office of Extramural Research – Protecting Human Research Participants
  • Conversational Spanish – written, spoken
  • Basic SPSS statistical analysis software
  • Intermediate Qualtrics survey software

Relevant Coursework


Collaborative Research: Reproductive and Sexual Well-Being; Clinical Psychology; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Behavioral Pharmacology of Drug Abuse; Biopsychology; Abnormal Psychology; Development Across the Lifespan; Psychology of Power, Oppression, and Privilege; Personality Theory and Research; Research Seminar: Optimal Self-Esteem; Design and Statistical Analysis; Health Psychology; Organizational Psychology

Women’s and Gender Studies:

Gender, Race, and Class in the Media; Gender and Violence; Girl Studies