Work I’ve Done

I’m currently connecting with creative business owners and online content creators
(think bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, etc.) to lighten their workload as a virtual assistant!
Shoot me an email if that’s you or someone you know 🙂

Assisting a Content Creator – Lavendaire

Since January 2017 I’ve served as the Executive Assistant for Lavendaire, a multi-platform personal growth and lifestyle design business created by Aileen Xu. I wear four hats: Email Manager, Researcher, Transcriber, and Social Media Manager.

Email Manager – I handle all incoming and outgoing emails with podcast guests, connecting with creators and creatives all over the world.

Research – For the YouTube channel, I research video topics and SEO strategy. For the podcast, I research potential guests and am perfecting the art of finding email addresses. And for the book, I research publishing methods and potential literary agents.

Transcription – I provide transcripts for all YouTube videos and podcast episodes, with audio duration lasting anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes. Transcripts assist with SEO ranking and increase accessibility of content for an international and ability-varied audience.

Social Media Management – I moderate The Lavendaire Lifestyle Community, a Facebook group of over 1,600 creatives. I create regular opportunities for community engagement and discussion. I also manage the Lavendaire Pinterest account, creating graphics and increasing engagement.

Assisting an E-Commerce / Media Consulting Business – Garmentist

In the beginning stages, Garmentist was a fashion e-commerce retailer and pop-up shop selling imported designer Japanese clothing and accessories. I played various roles: bookkeeping, processing orders, packaging deliveries, and copy-editing product descriptions. Garmentist is now shifting towards media consulting, where I assist with copy-editing.

Online Publications

In college, I spent two years writing and editing for online publications.  I have over 44 articles and posts published to date.

Here’s some of my writing:

Academic Writing

My senior year of college culminated in a 32-page research paper written in APA format and citation for TCNJ’s Reproductive and Sexual Well-Being Research Lab. I co-managed a project focusing on menstrual stigma and attitudes surrounding menstruation. Below is the abstract for the paper, and the full document can be viewed here.

The Speaking Stigma: Attitudes toward Women Who Speak Openly About Menstruation

The current study extends the literature on attitudes towards menstruation and its discussion, and the moderating role of ambivalent sexism by investigating perceptions of a woman who speaks about her menstrual cycle. One hundred and three undergraduate students observed a presentation about puberty and sexual health in which the female presenter either spoke positively or negatively about her menstrual cycle, or did not mention her own menstrual cycle at all. The presenter was rated as displaying more stereotypical characteristics of PMS (irritable, angry, and annoying) by hostile sexists when she talked about her menstrual cycle negatively, and as displaying less PMS characteristics by those endorsing menstrual proscriptions and prescriptions when she talked about her menstrual cycle at all. Findings from this study inform interventions for addressing the reduction of menstrual stigma and sexist attitudes, and the implications of both on women’s menstrual and sexual health.