The Story

This Space

This space is for me: a post-grad millennial with:

  • a lot of existential anxiety,
  • less possessions, and
  • no direction.

This space is for you. You are:

  • creative and curious,
  • unsettled in your life, unconfident in what kind of person you are now, and
  • aware of your thoughts and own consciousness.

I write about being: intentional, mindful, and aware of myself.

I write about practicing: minimalism, consciousness, and journaling.

I write about appreciating: words, the circumstances I’ve been dealt, and you.

What I’ve Done

While I think I’m going in the right general direction, I’ve still felt “lost” over the past few years. Nevertheless, I’ve taken successful shots in the dark to secure opportunities that have been invaluable to me:

  • Becoming an executive assistant to my favorite content creator by sending a cold email
  • Working for a fashion e-commerce brand by telling my partner he can’t do his bookkeeping on the back of old organic chemistry exams
  • Serving as a writer and editor for online publications with no journalism experience
  • Managing a dance team with no dance teaching or choreography experience

Where I’ve Been

I spent the first 16 years of life and schooling coasting by, going through the motions set before me. As college approached, I started taking more responsibility for my path: choosing the wrong major at a school I didn’t research. For the first three years of college, I confused busyness with productivity, losing sleep and meals over readings, assignments, and extracurricular tasks that didn’t matter.

In the last month of my undergraduate career, I wanted to quit. I wanted to escape all the emotional stress and physical exhaustion from trying to catch up to where I was supposed to be: prepared for ‘the real world’. I graduated with a degree I didn’t want, and without any plans for what I did want. I realized too late that all the pieces of life wouldn’t fall into place as I deluded myself into believing

Where We Are Now

The past year (May 2016 to now) has been me trying to make the pieces of my life and arrange them myself, albeit a little late. This blog documents my musings.

This is the story of luminimal.

luminimal is my experience: illuminating my path, striving to be luminous, and staying true to my minimal lifestyle.